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Safient Safes

Safient Safe is a non custodial safe where you can store your crypto secrets that can be recovered or inherited at the right time.


Secure Non-Custodial

Backup your secrets on Safes that are secured by robust cryptography techniques and data stores.


Convenient Inheritance

Ensure that your safes are inherited by beneficiaries only incase of tragic events.


Trustless Protocol

The safes are protected and governed by trustless guardians to ensure the highest degree of resilience.

How it works?

Safient follows three simple steps to claim or inherit the crypto assets.

Create a Safe

The user creates a safe for wallet seed phrases or secret notes. Beneficiaries for the safe can be added at any time.

Request to Claim the Safe

The safe owner or beneficiaries can request to claim or inherit the safe at anytime.

Recover the Safe

The trustless safe guardians will help recover the safes, quickly and safely after verifying the recovery claim.

Creating a safe


Non-Custodial Recoverable and Inheritable safes

We are almost there to demo it to the public. Please leave your info to get an early access and join us on Twitter and Discord for updates.

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