Trustless crypto asset Safe and Inheritance Protocol

Manage your crypto secrets securely and conveniently that help you or your beneficiaries to claim crypto assets without intermediaries.


Why Safient?

Have you ever wondered how will you pass on your valuable crypto assets to your loved ones in case of an unfortunate event, or what happens when you no longer have access to your unsafe secret backup ?

Worry no more, Safient will help you securely manage all the critical information that is needed to access and recover the assets so that your loved ones can inherit them with 100 % surety incase of any tragic event.

Secure Safes

Backup your secrets on our Safient safe that can only be recovered by you at any time.

Convenient Inheritance

Ensure that your safes are inherited by beneficiaries only incase of tragic events.

Trustless Recovery Protocol

The safes are protected and governed by trustless guardians and arbitrators (Using Kleros) to ensure the highest degree of resilience.

Dispute Resolution

Dipute resolution platform quickly resolves all the claims for inheritance of safes. Currently using Kleros court.

Share Portfolio

Safient allows to share portfolio confidentially on need to know basis with the beneficiaries even before the safe is recovered. Get to know more here.

Decentralization - Simplified

Onboarding and using a trustless, decentralized application is always intimidating. Safient makes the user experience easier than ever with minimal and intuitive interactions.

How it Works?

Safient follows three simple steps to claim or inherit the crypto assets.

Create a safe

The user creates a safe for wallet seed phrases or secret notes. Beneficiaries for the safe can be added at any time.

Request to claim/ inherit the safe

The safe owner or beneficiaries can request to claim or inherit the safe at anytime.

Recover the safe

The trustless safe guardians will help recover the safes, quickly and safely after verifying the recovery claim.


Creating a safe

Safient Resources


Safient maintains resources to help developers integrate their applications to seamlessly interact with safes using our SDKs.

Safient development documentation


Individuals can use our community edition to create safes and inheritance plans right away.

Checkout the community edition


We are working on our enterprise edition to integrate with the existing crypto exchanges and custodial wallet services in a much more scalable way.

Contact us for the enterprise edition

What are we upto?

  • - We began our user research for the problem and solution that we deviced for crypto asset inheritance.
  • - Evaluated the technical and economical feasibility of the solution by integrating solutions such as Ceramic network, Textile ThreadDB, Kleros, IPFS/ Filecoin.


    We built a confidential portfolio sharing application (Portex) at ETHDenver 2021 to validate the technical feasibility. Portex gained a lot of traction for the implementation and was recognized as one of the top 20 hacks ๐ŸŽŠ .


Taking all the feedback from our hackathon project, we started to design and prototype the solution for Safient. We planned all the features, integrations and laid out our architecture for the initial implementation, and conducted a detailed user research survey to verify our solution approach.

Safient was one of the top 3 projects in the DoraHack's Filecoin Grant program.
Private beta demo to the community. Features include:
  • - Initial community edition application for safekeeping and inheritance with a few safe claim approach.
  • - SDKs to communicate with our alpha version of Safient protocol.
Features include:
  • - Well tested and audited contracts for inheritance claims
  • - Well tested Safient protocol to create, access, claim safes
  • - Planned economics to generate the right traction (value) for the users and incentivized actors
Main net release for the community. Features include:
  • - Safient will undergo bug bounty program and security audit before the mainnet release

Solution Comparison


Decentralized Control ?

Multiple Auth Options ?

Work without Trusted Guardians?


Zero Onboarding Cost

Works for generic Data ?

Multisig wallets
Safe deposit box and will
Password managers
Competing Solutions

Ready to dive in? checkout our community version.

Individuals can use our community version to create a safe and inheritance plan right away.

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